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Alma mater Kenya limited was incorporated in the year 2016 under the company Acts of 2015 with registration number: RC 015529. The company with seasoned and tested managers and professionals was commissioned to provide trade marketing and service support to companies and multinationals.
Alma mater travels is a subsidiary of Alma Mater Nigeria Limited which was also established in year 2004. The travels agency specializes like ticketing and reservation, Visa Procurement, Cargo Services, Packaged Tours, processing of Chinese Singapore, South Africa, Hong Kong Visa, General Travels Consultancy Services.
To handle large volume of currency notes to meet daily transaction and customers demand, banks need to continuously count sort, strap and stack currency notes of different denomination for prompt and efficient service delivery. For fast, safe, and reliable strapping large volume of currency notes the process needs to be automated, hence the introduction of a dependable strapping and note counting machine. Over the year tally note country. Sunpack, yulim and cyklop strapack strapping machine has been tested to be reliable and durable to cope with the challenges of high-volume process of currency notes available in Nigeria Economy. The company is well position to offer efficient and reliable system support to bank equipment through the wealth of experience of its personnel. Since our existence the company has established and presently has service relationship with First City Monument Bank, United Bank for Africa Plc, Sterling Bank Plc, Central Bank Diamond Bank Plc, Eco Bank Plc, etc.
Alma Mater Corporate Promotion/Branding specializes in the customizing and branding all kinds, gift items such T-shirts, face caps, umbrella, towels, cups, and many other items branding clients name with logo on them giving our client corporate image. We also import uniforms, gift items, promotional items from china and India to multinationals and companies to enhance their corporate image.

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Alma mater Nig Ltd. Is positioned to help you bind develop to premium product that stands out. With our vast experience and passion, be rest assured that your promotional giveaway products will truly reflect your marketing objectives.